Proof That You Should Never Give Up.

Proof That You Should Never Give Up.Proof That You Should Never Give Up.Proof That You Should Never Give Up.

About The Book

At age 36 Pedro riding a motorcycle along with his wife, was forced to crash into a girl driving and talking on the phone. He died for 15 minutes, was given CPR on the way to hospital and was revived. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and fell into a two month coma with doctors giving his wife and two sisters 90% that if and when he woke up, he would be a vegetable. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case, he was reborn at 36. To a much harder life, definitely more difficult, with much less than before, but he believes the accident was an answer to prayers. Was he given a second chance in life because he saved his wife from accident crash?

The true story of Pedro Lebron. A tale showing that when you let God drive your life you will not crash, you may suffer accidents along the way like his, but with your believe, determination, and focus, and of course god in the driver seat, your journey will continue.

He had to start all over. Learning to walk and talk again. Showing that prayers will be answered even in unexpected ways…...and you could make the best of life regardless of your condition. Read it, email him, and let him know your thoughts.

"This is a very inspirational book, and I’m sure many people will benefit from reading it."

Tom Wallace

Editor, Writer and Coach


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